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International Mailbox & Parcel Delivery Service for Online Shopping.

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When you register with, we send you your United Kingdom and United States of America mailbox information in an email format just a few minutes after you complete the online form and hit create my account.

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Can I order from any website e.g. amazon and ship it to this address?

Sure you can; choose any of your favorite online suppliers and just enter your My Shipping Address details. Special Note: When using U.S.A online retailers/suppliers, be sure to enter the USA as your location at the top of the page, this will enable you to enjoy the benefit of USA prices and avoid the add-ons that international countries attract…see below;

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Helpful hints

Follow this format when shopping online!

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What is CIF value?

CIF means “cost, insurance and freight”
CIF Value = Package’s invoice value +  Freight cost (according to Customs) + Insurance
The CIF value is used by Customs to calculate duties.

Will I need to pay duties on packages and purchases in my country?
Yes, however some packages have their duties waved because they are exempt, for example some educational items in some territories. Each territory has their particular listing of exempt items and this may be applied at the discretion of the customs official. It is important to note your package may be exempt from duties but not certain taxes e.g. Value Added Tax (VAT)

How will I know how much the taxes will be on a certain item?

No need to worry, our knowledgeable team will help. Contact us at and we will be glad to calculate it.

How do I handle the Customs process for a package with a CIF value of more than US$500?
Packages over US $500 will attract commercial cargo processing fees; we can provide you with the customs brokerage service and the appropriate fees.

What does the status “In Customs, Needs Documents” mean?
This status means that we need the shipper’s invoice and a copy of the consignee’s official photo ID in order to handle the customs process on your behalf; through an “Individual Shipment”, which normally takes between 3 to 5 business days, as long as there are no special customs requirements.

Why do you need my National ID Number?
This is important for customs to identify and keep records of the consignee or importer.

Are all imported packages opened? Why?
The package opening process comprises two (2) actions:

  1. Verify the invoice matches the package’s contents.
  2. Determine the contents of the package are in good order.


Does the Miami office receive packages during the weekends?
No, we’re closed on the weekends.

Packages are received Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. local Miami time.


Restricted Shipments and Dangerous Goods

What items have shipping restrictions?
Some products that are considered dangerous goods or consumer commodities have shipping restrictions by the FAA, United States Customs or local regulations in each country. Before purchasing online, please check the list of some common restricted items; click here to check now.

What happens if I have already ordered a restricted item?
If you ordered a package that is restricted, here is what you can do:

  • Contact the supplier and request a Return Authorization to ship it back to them for credit.
  • Email the authorization code to us.

What method do you use to charge for your air freight service…?
Happy to oblige; we use the standard industry international Volume/Weight calculation method. Here is how it works…

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