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St. Lucia

Country Code: LC

St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Country Code: VC

International Mailbox & Parcel Delivery Service for Online Shopping.

My Shipping Address

msa_image! – Established October 2014 in Barbados by Caribbean Trade Logistics Advisors Inc. ( Since its inception we have opened agencies in Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, your island is next. We are an independent shipping company working with the best airline and ocean carriers serving the Caribbean from American and England. is your international mailbox and parcel delivery service for online shopping and larger commercial containers. We ship from small 1 lb packages to full 40 foot containers. When you shop at your favorite online store, we handle all your parcel delivery needs for the ultimate shopping experience!


Why choose You’ll benefit because:

  • We are a single website with international delivery addresses in the USA and UK.
  • Our clients have the option of shipping via air or ocean services based on the size and weight of their package.
  • You can advise us when to proceed with the shipping of your merchandise.
  • We have selected knowledgeable and experienced agents in each of our shipping countries to ensure timely clearance and delivery of your packages.


How it works:


Within minutes you will receive a confirmation email with your USA and UK shipping addresses.


Skip the registration process and just start shipping with our international delivery addresses below.


Your international address for United Sates of America is as follows:


(Your Country Code Your First and Last Name)
MyShippingAddress Online
Suite 21, 11700 NW 101 Road
Medley or Miami, FL 33178
United States of America

TEL #: 305-888-1200
Fax #: 305-885-8143


Please note some websites will require you to enter Miami as the city rather than Medley. FL – Florida is your ship to state.


Your international address for United Kingdom is as follows:


(Your Country Code Your First and Last Name)
MyShippingAddress Online PBS HOUSE

TEL #: +44(0)1293 606906
FAX  : +44(0)1293 551169




Country Code Country Name Telephone # Customer services email address:
AG Antigua and Barbuda 1-268-789-8108
BB Barbados 1-246-622-1644

WhatsApp 1-245-250-0672
KY Cayman Island    
CW Curacao    
DM Dominica    
GD Grenada 1-473-537-3886
GP Guadeloupe    
GY Guyana    
MG Martinique    
KN Saint Kitts & Nevis    
LC Saint Lucia  1-758-454-5791/1-758-484-0797/1-758-719-8073
MF Saint Maarten    
VC Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
TT Trinidad and Tobago    
US United States of America 1-246-622-1644



  • Enter the address provided by in the online store’s Shipping Address field at Check Out.
  • Email your order confirmation, tracking number and invoice to bb@myshippingaddress.comor WhatsApp 1-246-250-0672.
  • We will accept your packages at our receiving locations in the USA and UK and notify you of their arrival.
  • Tell us when to ship your purchases and state your preferred shipping mode – air or ocean.
  • At your destination we will clear customs and deliver your packages straight to your door.
  • Happy online Shopping!

All dollar amounts are in US currency.